Terms & Conditions

Business conditions

If you regret your product, you will have 14 days to withdraw your purchase, 14 days from the date where you have received your product.

Packaging and product condition when you return your product have to be returned  in the same condition.

It is therefor not possible to return the product, if you use it in a way that clearly impairs the products sale value.

Please send your product to this address when returning:

Thomine Art – att. Louise Thomine
Godthåbsvej 47, 4 th
2000 Frederiksberg

You can also regret your purchase by refusing to receive the shipment.

When we have received and controlled the product, we will return t and transfer the amount you have payed for the product. The amount will be transferred to the card that you have payed with,

The only cost you will have when regretting is the cost of the shipping back.

It is important that you enclose a copy of the order confirmation, when shipping back your product.

You always have the right to complain over your product in the 24 months after you have bought it.

Depending on the case, we can decide if you should have the product repaired, switched into another product, the money back or a discount on the price, depending on the concrete situation.

To do so, it is of course important that this complain is justified and that the lack of the product has not occurred by any lack of maintenance.

We advice you to complain about your product as soon as possible by sending us an to : email mail@thomineart.dk

When returning, we will need you to describe the problem as detailed as possible. We also need you to ship back the product as safe as possible. And a receipt from your shipping, so we can pay for your shipping cost.